What is Generation Earthshot?

Generation Earthshot invites students and their teachers around the world to join in with the mission of The Earthshot Prize.

Our free teacher toolkit will inspire big ideas to tackle the five ‘Earthshot’ goals using a flexible framework for creative problem solving and the opportunity to share ideas with others.

By nurturing the innate creativity of young people and channeling it towards solving our biggest environmental challenges, you can build optimism and confidence that we can change the world for the better.

Sign up below, use the toolkit with your students, share their ideas via the website and using #GenerationEarthshot on social media.

Teacher Toolkit

What is the Earthshot prize?

The Earthshot Prize is a global prize and platform seeking extraordinary solutions to repair and regenerate our planet within 10 years.

We have an audacious goal – to repair our planet in a decade. The Earthshot Prize is a call to action to each of us.

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